Our Mission

Support the growth of quidditch in Calgary and act as a technical and social centre for the sport.

Photo: Mills Photography

Become a Member

Individual Membership

Become a Calgary Quidditch Club member! Individual members are covered under our insurance when playing or attending quidditch events. Please email ashley.gilmer@calgaryquidditch.ca to become an individual member.

Team Membership

Become a Calgary Quidditch Club team! Teams can take part in our quidditch league and play in our tournaments. Teams also receive advertising and promotion opportunities. Contact lauren.yee@calgaryquidditch.ca for more details.

Our Team

  • Lauren Yee
    Lauren Yee President

    Lauren is one of the OG quidditch players in Calgary. She is one of the founders of the UofC Mudbloods, founded 2012. Since then she co-founded the Calgary Kelpies and was a key part in the start-up of what is now the Calgary Mavericks. Lauren started off as VP Communications and has since progressed from Coach to General Manager to President. Lauren’s main goal has always been to spread the reach of quidditch to as many people as possible and extend the family she has found to others. Feel free to message her at lauren.yee@calgaryquidditch.ca.

  • Ashley Gilmer
    Ashley Gilmer Treasurer & Secretary

    Ashley started as a chaser on the U of C Mudbloods and has since gone on to play for the Calgary Kelpies when the team was founded. Ashley also plays for the Calgary Mavericks. She has been involved as VP Finance for two teams and is excited to bring that experience to the Calgary Quidditch Club. Feel free to message her at ashley.gilmer@calgaryquidditch.ca.

  • Nicole Chan
    Nicole Chan Operations Director

    On her off days, Nicole can be found face-beating people on the quidditch pitch. Actually, she does that on her on days too. She has worked to implement a number of programs which we are continually expanding as we grow. Nicole is always happy to preach about the awesomeness of quidditch so feel free to shoot her a message at nicole.chan@calgaryquidditch.ca