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Why Play Quidditch?

Quidditch is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Physical fitness is an important part of a healthy lifestyle and quidditch brings sport and physical activity to a group of people who may not otherwise be inclined to get out and be active. Many of our players have never participated in sports prior to quidditch. Quidditch offers a safe space for adults and youth to get active and become more involved in the community!

I've played several sports growing up such as rugby, track, wrestling, and horseback riding. I decided to try quidditch because I was bored. I quickly fell in love with the sport and the people and love its similarities to the sports I have done in the past.
Lauren, 20, Musician
I found that is a good gateway sport for folks who enjoyed the books. It gave the players a common interest, while introducing a bit of physical activity into the mix. I joined because I wanted to get more into physical activities in a fun and light environment, where I could be whoever I wanted to be, while running with a broomstick between my legs.
Allan, 32, Husband
I've never played any sports growing up. When I first heard about quidditch, I thought it'd be a bunch of Harry Potter nerds doing some fun quidditch-like game that we could nerd out over. Little did I know, quidditch is actually a crazy fun sport and I've been more active in the past two years than my first 23 years of life.
Nicole, 25, Engineer

The Rules



White Headband

Chasers score by passing or kicking the quaffle through their opponents’ hoops. All goals are worth 10 points.



Green Headband

The keeper defends the goal hoops. Keepers can also act as a fourth chaser during offense.



Black Headband

Beaters use bludgers to “knock out” players, which removes them from play temporarily. “Knocked out” players must dismount their broom and touch their own hoops before re-entering play.



Yellow Headband

Seekers catch the snitch tail, a ball attached to the waistband of a neutral athlete in a yellow uniform who uses any means to avoid capture. The snitch is worth 30 points and its capture ends the game.

Check out this introductory video created by UBC Quidditch!